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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Splurge or Hold Back The Urge ..??

     When contemplating whether or not I should make an expensive purchase I always think about it for quite some time.  I'm certainly not rich (hence the name beauty on a budget) but I still want indulge in beautiful things.  I've always thought splurging on brand name accessories such as jewelry,  shoes, purses,  and sunglasses is more sense able  then buying super expensive clothes. Things go in and out of fashion all the time, so it just doesn't make sense to me to have a sweater that costs $300.00 when next winter it won't be "cool" to wear it anymore.  Not to mention there are so many stores that sell the latest trends really cheap such as one of my absolute fave, Forever 21. You can also dress up your fabulous (cheap) clothes with great accessories. ...no one will ever guess your top came off the $5 clearance rack when you are wearing Tory Burch flats & a Louie handbag ;) 
     Today is tax day for me so here's the splurge I've had my eye on for quite sometime!
Meet the Tory Burch "Robinson" Perforated Leather Dome Sachel available at Nordstrom
Yes it may cost a pretty penny but a bag like this is absolutely timeless. The color, the shape, you can wear this casual or dressed up and all year long. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter this bag will go with everything in your wardrobe.  So I say this is definitely Splurge worthy!  

Here's another item I've just been absolutely in love with lately! 

The Valentino Rock Stud shoe collection ♡ 
These babies go for about $945.00 a pair, and unfortunately unlike the purse, this style is bound to go out of style eventually. Luckily there are lots of look a likes out there!! I ordered these
recently from Shoedazzel.com I got them for $14.97 because of a special sale going on but they're still currently on sale for $23.97! I can't wait to wear these once the snow clears up. They're definitely going to add a bit of edge to any outfit!  Since these shoes are very similar to the Valentino ones and are WAY less expensive I say Hold Back The Urge on designer items that you know are just a current fad and just find a knock off, when that style is out and another one is in you won't feel any guilt! ;) 


  1. Very well said.....and I agree this bag is timeless!!!! Love it ;)

    1. Thanks! It definitely is a keeper, you can always go back to it ;)